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My name is Richard Green, but I go by Richie.I am a second year medical student. I completed my undergraduate at Loyola University Chicago and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. I also received a minor in Psychology. As you can see, I entered medical school directly from my undergraduate, I would definitely describe myself as a person of Loyola through and through. Before starting my undergraduate at LUC, I volunteered at Loyola University Medical Center floating between pediatrics, ophthalmology, and neurology. During my undergraduate career I volunteered in the Emergency Room. I completed my research at Loyola in Molecular and Cellular Physiology specifically working with the heart. I HAVE REACHED A LIMIT ON FULL TIME MENTEES, but if you have any specific questions for me PLEASE reach out to me or another mentor!


My journey to medical school was not easy. I am a first generation college student and also the first person in my family to go to medical school. Trying to maneuver through the medical school application process with little guidance was a challenge. That is why I am excited to do anything I can to help mentor you undergraduate students and guide you through this process. It is a wild ride but you WILL find out where you belong at the end of it, just as I have found my home at the Stritch School of Medicine.

I am thinking of specializing in either internal medicine, family practice, or internal medicine/pediatrics.I have found throughout my experiences that I like working with patients most of all, so that is why I am thinking of specializing in one of these areas. There is always a possibility that I will change my mind though!

I have already began to get involved in some activities at Stritch, and plan to get involved in some more as they come up. I am involved in a program called STEPS that sends medical students to the pediatric floor of the Loyola University Medical Center to play with the children on the floor. We also help them with homework or anything else they need. We try to make their experience in the hospital as enjoyable as possible. I am part of LUC Mentors, which is this program. I am sure you know about us already so I won't repeat. I am planning to volunteer at the NLVS clinic in Chicago. There students from all the Chicago medical schools join to provide care to the under served populations of the area, The Loyola Chapter also has other volunteering opportunities in Maywood and other local communities. I also plan to be part of the Global Health Honors Program at Stritch.

Outside of medical school I have many hobbies that I enjoy. My absolute favorite hobby is playing volleyball. I have played volleyball for a very long time and played in high school. I stopped in college because I was committed to my pre-medical studies, but I did begin to coach a club volleyball team. I love to coach and plan to continue to coach throughout medical school if I can. Other than that I love playing card games (literally any card game), especially with my family. Also love spending time with family and friends in general.

I think that I can be of particular help to you all because I am one of the lucky students who was able to get in to medical school straight out of my undergraduate at LUC. I was where you were just a few years ago (or last year depending on what year you are). I know what the Loyola Undergraduate Program is like, I have taken the new MCAT (which you will all be taking), and my application cycle was in 2015. I am more than happy to help you with the application process, writing your personal statement, working on a low GPA/MCAT score, and how to try to get into medical school straight from your undergraduate at LUC.