Dan Peiffer

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Mentoring, advising, and shadowing

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My name is Dan Peiffer. I am currently a 4th year student here at SSOM. I am originally from Milwaukee, WI and went to UW-Madison (Go Badgers!) for my undergrad where I majored in biology. Following school I was unsure of whether I wanted to do research or medical school and took a gap period as a lab technician at the Medical College of Wisconsin.


From a medical perspective my interest is in cancer immunology, which is the therapy of using one's immune system to fight tumor cells (similar to vaccines). Although not completely sure, I could definitely see myself pursing a career in Medical Oncology. I currently work in a lab that investigates treatment resistance in Breast Cancer.

In terms of questions, I will take anything you want to throw at me. I had a less traditional route to medical school and am currently a MD-PhD student here at Loyola, so anyone that has a strong interest in applying to those programs (or just a strong interest in research) I would be thrilled to offer any help I can. Alternatively, those that just have questions about the +/- of taking a gap year or just general advice about rocking the application process, I am more than happy to help!