Gino Rodriguez

Chicago , Illinois, United States

Relationship Manager-Senior

Morningstar Investment Management, LLC

I’m a recent Quinlan MBA recipient. My concentration was Information Systems, and I’m a recipient of Loyola’s Business Data Analytics Certificate. I’m a Relationship Manager at Morningstar Investment Management, LLC where I manage a diverse group of clients. My interests include financial literacy, data science, behavioral science and social impact. I believe personal finance and financial advice is a fundamental human right and I plan on leveraging my career experience and the skills I’m developing at Quinlan to do good and do well.

For over two years, I’ve attended, participated and helped host an array of events at Quinlan as a member of Quinlan’s Graduate Advisory Council, Baumhart Center advocate and data analytics aficionado. Recently, I’ve been elected President of the Quinlan Graduate Business Association and I've helped launch Quinlan’s Mentorship program for new students. I’ve become increasingly passionate about enhancing the student experience at Quinlan. After the successful launch of the mentorship program, I want to continue to help improve the student experience by exploring other tangible impactful initiatives as QCGBA President. I believe that my work experience, coursework, and experience in participating, hosting and launching programs at Quinlan will enable me to be an effective leader at Quinlan serving the interests of the Quinlan student body.