Shashwat Baxi

Chicago, Illinois, United States


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Loyola University Chicago - BA in Political Science, 2009
Western Governors University - MBA, 2016
Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD)
Director of Business Operations


I am an outgoing, cultured, and social person with high aspirations for myself. I love to help others in any way possible. My main objectives in my life (both personally and professionally) are to live a good life by making it easiest for myself and the people around me!

I currently work as Director of Business Operations at RGI in Northbrook, IL. Some of the things I do include:

- Managing domestic and international partnerships
- Spearheading international expansion projects
- Drafting and reviewing contracts for all corporate collaborations
- Recruiting and hiring for available positions within the company
- Directing strategy for corporate growth and national/international expansion
- Managing corporate vendors and supply chain relationships
- Managing the overall branding for a global leader in PGD and PGS.
- Directing all aspects of social media, national and international marketing, and lead generation.
- Working with various fertility clinics to educate partners and patients on what PGD and PGS services
- Handling press and media relations.
- Representing the organization at national and international conferences related to reproductive health and services

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Business Development, Political Science Major, Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD), First-Generation Graduate, Gospel Choir, Advocate, Hindu Students' Organization, Rambler Rowdies, South Asian Student Alliance, Student Government of Loyola Chicago, Department of Programming, Club Baseball, First Generation American, Political Science, Clinical Science Research, Healthcare Research, Leadership Development, Operations Management, Former NCAA, Genetics, MBA