JJ Weaver

Chicago, Illinois, United States


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My name is JJ Weaver and I am a third year medical student at Loyola. I went to the University of Illinois where I majored in molecular and cellular biology. I graduated from U of I and went directly to Loyola to start my medical education.


Medical school is challenging, but it is also very exciting and rewarding! I am interested in a number of fields including interventional radiology, radiation oncology, cardiology, and global health. During my time at Loyola I have been able to participate in a number of exciting programs and activities! This includes a service trip to Guatemala, Wellness Wizards (a summer program that teaches young children about health and wellness at the Maywood public library), research projects in radiation oncology, and starting an interest group for interventional radiology. Most of my time is spent doing something related to school but when I'm able to relax I just enjoy spending time with my friends or watching the Bears, Bulls, Hawks, or Cubs. I found the process of getting into medical school to be much more stressful than medical school itself, so I am here to offer encouragement and advice with regards to any issue you may be facing -- feel free to ask me anything!