Emily Caesar

Chicago, Illinois, United States


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My name is Emily and I am a first year medical student. I graduated from Emory University in 2014. I majored in Music Performance. After college I worked in Alzheimer's basic and clinical research at WashU for two years and Weill Cornell for one year before entering medical school.


My experience in medical school so far has been an adjustment from working life. Nevertheless, I am very excited to be back in school working towards my lifelong career prospect of becoming a physician. I am interested in pursuing research while in medical school, and plan to participate in the STAR research summer program for M1 students this coming summer. I am interested in procedural specialties such as General Surgery, Interventional Radiology and also ER Medicine and Cardiology. As a track and field athlete for all four years in college, I love to run in my spare time and become more involved in athletic organizations here at Stritch. I'm happy to talk with undergrads about the application process and specifically those students who are interested in taking a year or two off before going to medical school.