Cesar Montelongo Hernandez

Hines, Illinois, United States


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First year MD-PhD student at Loyola Stritch School of Medicine

If you have questions on the MD-PhD program please let me know! It is a seven to eight year combined program that pays for your entire tuition AND gives you a living stipend for the entirety of the program. You can apply to both the MD and MD-PhD programs at Stritch during the application cycle, and being rejected from one does not mean automatic rejection from the other program.

Feel free to ask me questions about:
-Tips for interviewing at Stritch School of Medicine (or in general)
-Use what is unique about you to make yourself stand out
-Being a DACA medical student
-Being an unrepresented minority in medicine


I am a 26 years old and a first year MD-PhD at Loyola Stritch School of Medicine. I graduated from New Mexico State University with a BA in Spanish, BS in Biology, BS in Microbiology, and minors in Chemistry and Biochemistry. After undergraduate I did a thesis Masters in Biology at New Mexico State University.

I was born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and grew up in New Mexico. I was able to attend medical school after obtaining DACA status. My interests are in improving the health care options for under served communities in the U.S., with an emphasis on the undocumented immigrant population. Research-wise, my interests is in bioinformatics and sequence analysis as potential diagnostic tools in the clinical setting.