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RN, Advanced Practice Nurse

Heidi Lindhorst Elgin, Illinois, United States
RN, Advanced Practice Nurse
Hospital and Nursing Education

Rush University - MSN OB, Peds, Health Care Administration, Nursing Education, 1987 Loyola University Chicago - BSN Nursing, 1985 (show more)

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Interests: Nursing Major, Beta Beta Beta, Nursing Student Council, Student Nurses Association of IL, AWHONN, BSN, Hospital and Nursing Education, Career Development, MSN, Nursing, obstetrics, Adult Education, Peds, pediatrics, OB, Health Care Administration, 1:1 mentoring, academia, advisor, career counseling, Advising, Career Peer, Clinical Service), employee development, Higher Education, Leadership Development, Perinatology, performance management, professional development, and OB/GYN