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Financial Reporting Manager

Ashley Luttenegger Phoenix , Arizona, United States
Financial Reporting Manager

Loyola University Chicago - BBA Accounting, 2014 JFRC - Fall 2012 (show more)

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Interests: Alpha Sigma Nu, Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Major, Real Estate, SEC Professionals Group, French Club, Accounting, Asset Management, Auditor, Investment Companies, Enactus, College Rebublicans, JFRC, John Felice Rome Center, and BBA

Maciej Kostecki Lincolnshire, Illinois, United States
Associate, Financial Analyst, Senior, Financial Reporting Manager

Happy to answer questions around finance accounting career in variety of industries and give you more of an idea what to expect in the future. (show more)

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Interests: audit, Financial reporting, analysis, monthly close, forecasting, and budgeting.