Sarah Guidone

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Project Manager, Non Profit, Strategic Project Manager, Manager, Senior, Program Coordinator

Chicago Transit Authority

School of Social Work, BSW 2009- focused on juvenile justice, mentoring, youth programming development and evaluation, inter-organization collaboration. Have worked with government, community agencies, and academia to develop and implement programs that serve the public, particularly young people, communities, and government improvements/efficiencies.


I've been able to carve out opportunities for myself and think outside of the box to follow my passion. I love my work and find opportunities in everything I do. I care about social justice, advocacy, and having a life with meaning and purpose. I have been supporting myself since I was 18 years old and have worked a wide variety of jobs in the legal field, retail, facilities maintenance, youth work, research, museums, and government (youth agencies, transportation, performance evaluation, supply chain, and records management).

I earned my bachelor's degree in Social Work and am using those skills I learned in government as a public servant. I am currently a Senior Project Manager for the Chicago Transit Authority where I work on a variety of projects in supply chain and records management. My career has taken a few twists and turns, but the common thread is my passion to serve my city and my planet, to share my lessons learned with others, and to make the most of my time on this earth. That plus having an open, curious, and creative mind have brought me through a lot of challenges in my career and I hope my lessons will be helpful to someone else.