Joel Sedlacko

München, Bayern, Germany

Scrum Master (Information Systems/Technology), Agile Coach

Süddeutsche Zeitung Digitale Medien GmbH

I am an agile software development professional living and working in Munich, Germany as a Scrum Master. I earned my BBA in economics from Loyola in 2012, and completed my MBA in international business in 2013. During undergrad. I studied abroad in Freiburg, Germany (Fall 2010), Rome, Italy (JFRC Spring 2011), and Mardid, Spain (Summer 2011).


Joel Sedlacko is a 2013 MBA Graduate of Loyola University Chicago's Quinlan Graduate School of Business and a Certified Scrum Master. In his current role, Joel is a Scrum Master and Agile Coach for the Süddeutsche Zeitung Digitale Medien GmbH in Munich, Germany, ( aiding all Scrum teams in their projects and coaching the development teams in Agile Processes in the German language. Previously, Joel worked as a Scum Master and PHP Program Manager for DomainFactory GmbH, part of the Host Europe Group, in Ismaning, Germany, reporting on and overseeing the scheduling of PHP Development Projects in Germany, Romania, and the United Kingdom. He was also a Scrum Master and Project Manager at Capsim Management Simulations, Inc. in Chicago, IL.

After graduating from Loyola University with a BBA in Economics in 2012, Joel began working in Chicago at Capsim Management Simulations, Inc. first in support, then as a Sales Analyst, and finally as a project manager and scrum master, overseeing all development projects at the company, in addition to all cross departmental projects. During this time Joel became a Certified Scrum Master (certified through the Scrum Alliance).

In 2015 he accepted a position at DomainFactory GmbH, in Ismaing, Germany, as a scrum master. During his time at DomainFactory, Joel oversaw the Agile processes and coached the developments in agile development, while also overseeing and scheduling all PHP development projects for the Host Europe Group in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Romania. Joel worked at a professional level using both English and German languages, and was also a member of the Agile Team Leaders Committee, helping form group-wide processes with upper management.