Joseph Westrich

Chicago, Illinois, United States

U Chicago Medicine

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I am a fourth year medical student here at Stritch, and a LUC alumnus. I studied Biochemistry at LUC, and I matriculated directly into Stritch, after my senior year at Loyola.


Right now, I have a particular interest in Internal Medicine and Critical Care.

My activities in medical school, outside of studying, include foosballing and ping ponging with classmates, hanging out at the fitness center, and helping the admissions department with new applications.

Hobbies outside of medical school include fountain pens, fine Scotch Whiskies and bourbons, playing with my dog, and hanging out in WIcker Park.

I am open to any kind of mentoring that you need! Whether it be applications, essays, questions about other med schools, or questions about how I got here, I will try to answer it.