Rachel Fischer

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Project Manager, Non Profit

YMCA of Metro Chicago

My professional background, for the last few years, has been in higher education. I come from working in Admissions to then working with international students and conducting research around the intersection of politics and education. I received my Master's of Education in Higher Education from Loyola University Chicago, and had spend those two years conducting research and working in accreditation at the Higher Learning Commission here in Chicago. Recently, I switched careers and am now working in the nonprofit sector as a Prospect Researcher where I work to grow the mission and values of the YMCA through aligning potential donors with our organization. My passions are in research and education, and my work revolves around advancing social justice and supporting the community in Chicago.


Employment Industry:
Community Development, Health & Wellness, Nonprofit Development, Nonprofit Management, Research

Degree: (List all that apply separated by commas; i.e. BBA, BA, MBA, BS, JD)

Political Science, Foreign Langauges International Studies, Higher Education

Graduation Year:
2015, 2019

Professional Skills:
Research, Data Analytics, Prospect Research, Internal Consulting, Strategic Planning

Student organizations you were a part of at Loyola:
Higher Education Student Association

Professional Organizations you currently belong to: