Stephen Dynako

Valparaiso, Indiana, United States

Pastoral Counselor, Management Consultant

Institute of Pastoral Studies, MA 2013.


About My Career:

I passionately and courageously bring to the world my gifts of communication and leadership. Over the course of my professional career, I have used these gifts in my various roles in the financial, technology, and media industries. In service, I have applied my gifts of communication and leadership in the realms of counseling and the ministry.

I have presented to thousands of people in a variety of formats and venues. These include speaking engagements, workshops, webinars, classes, retreats, sermons, and radio and television programs. I am the author of two books, The Self Aware Lover and His Living Teachings Support My Modern Life.

I have provided leadership in ways beyond managing people, projects and strategy. I’m interested in what inspires people, not only what motivates them. I feel energized by the self-perpetuating energy of collaboration and by encouraging people to trust themselves and act upon their strengths.

I’ve worked in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments for over 30 years. This includes leadership positions at large companies such as IBM, JPMorgan Chase, and BMO Harris Bank; plus as founder or co-founder of companies that variously developed online learning solutions, published information that aimed to bring transparency to the hedge fund industry, and guided business planning for start-up ventures.

In service, I have been a Sunday speaker and workshop leader at various Unity churches in the Chicagoland area, I interned as a hospital chaplain at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, and I have practiced as a Pastoral Counselor. In the city of Valparaiso, Indiana, I am involved in C-Lab, a network of locally-based teams which use citizen-led initiatives to foster civic engagement, greater social capital, and community wealth-building.

I am currently attending the very first Leadership Academy by The Shift Network. The Academy is a year-long mentorship, training and mastermind with top evolutionary leaders to support taking one's evolutionary mission to the next level, significantly increasing leadership skills, and increasing an evolutionary leader's positive influence in the world.

I am also a student in the Conscious Business Initiative program by Humanity’s Team, a global movement whose purpose is to embody the timeless truth of Oneness, which is essential for responding to the world's most chronic and acute challenges, and vital for creating a sustainable world.