Michaela O'Neill

Chicago, Illinois, United States


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My name is Michaela O'Neill and I am a first year medical student (M1). I graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2018. I majored in biology. After college I immediately entered medical school.


Hey guys, I'm from a suburb of Chicago but completed my undergrad in Alabama. I majored in biology and minored in Spanish and chemistry. I am currently interested in pediatric specializations (surgery, oncology, cardiology) but still open to many fields! I'm currently involved with volunteering on the peds floor at loyola, cradle cuddlers in the NICU working in the student run health clinics, and a variety of other organizations. Outside of school I love to read, spend time with family and friends, workout, and netflix when I can. I'd love to help pre-meds discuss and plan for the application cycle and all the preparations for going into medical school. I'm the first in my family to go through the process so I completely understand how overwhelming and complicated it can be! Please feel free to reach out, can't wait to hear from you!