Jon Newgren

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Mentoring, Advising

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My name is Jon and I am a first year medical student at Stritch. I graduated from LUC as an undergrad with degrees in music and chemistry, and then as a MAMS student several years later. After undergrad, I worked in clean energy research and then orthopedic surgery research before starting medical school.


As a two-time Loyola grad (undergrad and MAMS), Stritch was undoubtedly the right choice for me. While I do not participate in organized religion, the Jesuit values (like leadership through service to others, care for the whole person, etc.) align with my own life philosophy, and is the type of environment I want during a medical education. I feel comfortably at home at Stritch.

While I am still very open to any and all areas of medicine, my previous year in orthopedic research ignited an interest in sports medicine and rehab. I am currently part of the sports medicine and orthopedic surgery interest groups, PULSE mentoring program for high school students, as well as Pride, the Stritch GLBTQ student organization.

I've lived in the city of Chicago since undergrad, and decided to stay during medical school. If you'd rather meet up in a park or for coffee to talk about med school things, I live in Wicker Park!

I'm excited to talk about any part of the application process, from how to make experience descriptions unique on the primary application, to what to expect during a one-on-one or MMI interviews (I had both), to ways to stay sane during the unpredictable roller coaster that is the admissions cycle.

If you think I'm the type of mentor you're looking for, I hope you say hey!