Ashley Iannantone

Chicago, Illinois, United States

LUC Mentors (Medical Student)

My name is Ashley and I am a second year medical student. I graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2016. I majored in Biochemistry with minors in Spanish, Neuroscience, and Biostatistics. After college I completed the MAMS program (also at Loyola) and worked as a scribe in the Emergency Department at RUSH University Medical Center before entering medical school.


I first became interested in medicine from my own personal experiences inside the operating room, where I had more than a handful of surgeries growing up. But this early inspiration had the opportunity to flourish in the classes and clinical experiences I took part in during undergrad.

One of the most influential moments of my undergraduate career came when I took Spanish for Medical Professionals. In conjunction with this class, I shadowed the physician-patient-interpreter interactions at a clinic on the southwest side of Chicago. This experience opened my eyes to a side of medicine I hadn't previously considered and a population of patients I now strive to one day serve.

I did research throughout undergrad in Loyola's Biology Department studying neuron regeneration following injury, and am now participating in the Research Honors program at SSOM. I am currently working on a project involving opioid overdose patients who present to the Emergency Department. I am also involved in LUC Mentors (as a board member / the MAMS Coordinator) and the Emergency Medicine and Addiction Medicine interest groups. I additionally serve as a group leader for the Peer Professionalism Program and a tutor for M1 students.

I am thinking about specializing in Emergency Medicine or some type of surgical speciality (top choices are trauma, general, or bariatric).