Shashwat Baxi

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Director of Business Operations, Global Brand Management, Director

Reproductive Genetic Innovations

Loyola University Chicago - BA in Political Science, 2009
Western Governors University - MBA, 2016
Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD)
Director of Business Operations


I am an outgoing, cultured, and social person with high aspirations for myself. I love to help others in any way possible. My main objectives in my life (both personally and professionally) are to live a good life by making it easiest for myself and the people around me!

I currently work as Director of Business Operations at RGI in Northbrook, IL. Some of the things I do include:

- Managing domestic and international partnerships
- Spearheading international expansion projects
- Drafting and reviewing contracts for all corporate collaborations
- Recruiting and hiring for available positions within the company
- Directing strategy for corporate growth and national/international expansion
- Managing corporate vendors and supply chain relationships
- Managing the overall branding for a global leader in PGD and PGS.
- Directing all aspects of social media, national and international marketing, and lead generation.
- Working with various fertility clinics to educate partners and patients on what PGD and PGS services
- Handling press and media relations.
- Representing the organization at national and international conferences related to reproductive health and services