Kristen McCormack

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Consultant, Senior, Underwriter

Baker Tilly

BBA Finance, International Business, 2013

JFRC - Summer 2011

Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD)


A problem-solver by nature, Kristen uses her creative and analytical skills to bring new perspectives to clients, helping them overcoming challenges and realize concrete solutions. She is a firm believer that every recommendation must be accompanied by verified data and a user-centered design that allows clients to understand the causes of issues while navigating the implementation of multifaceted solutions.

Prior to Baker Tilly, Kristen worked with financial institutions to identify weaknesses within their risk management programs and suggested detailed roadmaps to strengthen their internal controls. She also ensured that these institutions strictly and transparently adhered to local, state and federal regulations regarding corporate governance, employee relations, cybersecurity, fiduciary liability and more.