Catherine Conley

Lake Bluff, Illinois, United States

Asia Operations

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MBA, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University
Masters in Religious Education, Loyola U. of Chicago/IPS


About my career:

My career has been consulting with and advising U.S. and Pac Rim companies on strategic and tactical initiatives with a primary focus on “transformation” across a broad expanse of needs from identifying critical metrics for legacy systems to re-structuring a business operating model (making the transition from product to client-centric).

Some of the most exciting work I have done is to run a company’s operations from our Beijing office. It was my responsibility to initiate and execute distribution operations in Beijing. From Beijing, I ran all business development activities as well as directing multi-cultural teams from as many as eight countries.

My most recent work with a client company was to drive value through the transformation of core distribution operations to improve market agility and operational effectiveness. This involved a cross-section of departments including HR (Recruiting, Education & Training), Marketing, New Product Development, Product Support and IT.

Aside from my career as a consultant, I have ventured into the realm of becoming a published author. After adopting a child from China, I decided to write about our experiences and include some responses to questions I believe she might ask about in the future. My first work is titled, "Coming home: The journey from heaven to your adopted home". My other two written pieces can be found on LinkedIn.

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Consultant, Business Development, Career Management & Change, China, Pacific Rim, author, adoption, Quinlan, Career Readiness, BSAD, Divinity Major, MDiv