Michael Crotty

Shanghai, China

MKT & Associates, Ltd

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John Felice Rome Center 1969-1970


About his career:

Michael Crotty has over twenty five years of experience in the home textiles industry as the President of TexStyle, Inc and its China subsidiary, TexStyle Asia (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, that he founded in 2001. In 2007, he established MKT & Associates, Ltd to capitalize on his expertise in building networks between Chinese and US companies. In March of 2012, Mr. Crotty moved to Shanghai.

MKT and its specialist associates focus on:
* sourcing textiles and apparel, primarily from China
* establishing partnerships with various expert scientists and companies to bring Clean Technology products and services to China
* exporting high technology products including specialty electronics, composite materials and navigation and avionics components and services to China
* assisting Chinese companies in various industries to invest in the US

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Skills & Interests:

International business, home textiles, apparel, China, home textiles industry, TexStyle, MKT & Associates, import/export, Shanghai, green technology, green business, JFRC, John Felice Rome Center